PHP Development

PHP is a preferable and widely used programming language that allows programmers to create a website with attractive and dynamic web pages for any industry and commerce. It is an open source technology which is free for Linux and My SQL, and you do not have to pay many thousand dollars on a license fee for the same. It has more powerful features that allow web developers to create amazing applications that attract users to view in depth.

HTML5 Development

HTML 5 is a correction of the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the official programming language for explaining the contents and appearance of Web pages. HTML5 was developed to solve agreement problems that affect the current standard, HTML4. One of the common significant differences between HTML5 and previous versions of the rule is that older versions of HTML require restrictive plugins and APIs. HTML5 provides one standard interface to make loading components easier.

Wordpress Development

Now where there is a website for everything from booking movie tickets to buying to playing games, WordPress has modified the way business build and communicated with their customers. WordPress has developed as the popular web content publishing platform in recent times. It adds a beautiful appearance to a site while offering the best user experience. Stellen Infotech has use WordPress extensively for creating all kinds of websites ranging from small blogging websites to large sites with hundreds of web pages. Our old WordPress website developers have created many add-ons ...

Shopify Development

Shopify development is one of the best e-commerce platform ideal for small to mid-sized businesses offering them user-friendly systems like product inventory, order management, and payment gateways. Our Shopify expert developers have this ability to develop exciting and responsive Shopify e-commerce website giving our clients the guaranteed satisfaction. Our Shopify developers provided professionally coding and designing Shopify Website with all your coveted functionalities. Shopify is a robust and strong E-commerce platform which will set your online shop in one go.

Drupal Development

What is the similarity between the sites of Arizona University, New York Government, London Government, and The Economist? Well, all the sites are developed in Drupal, an open source CMS which powers a myriad of websites and online applications around the world today. Drupal web development allows businesses to address all the requirements to begin building a stronger online presence. Collaborating with Esoft Technology, you get custom and powerful Drupal websites to give your customers the user experience they expect.